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Explore Europe with Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds of 19 th and 20 th century, inventor of the 20 th century, was born and spent his youth in Europe.

This route will take us to the major points he was living and where he gained his knowledge and experience as a base for his future inventions. 

Nikola Tesla was very ecologically oriented and if he could choose the way how to travel nowadays across Europe, we are sure, he would choose a train.

So let's start our journey through Tesla's Europe


Day 1 

Arrival to Belgrade, International airport Nikola Tesla, capital of Serbia and place where Nikola Tesla Museum is, holding the biggest legacy of his personal belongings as well as some of his unfinished patents and drawings. This is also his final resting place, housing his ashes.


Day 2

Besides the museum, Belgrade offers many other sites to be visited and explored, like Belgrade fortress, Temple of Saint Sava, Kalemegdan, Ada Ciganlia, Skadarlia and many others.


Day 3 

Train ride from Belgrade to Zagreb

Zagreb is proud to be one of the first cities Tesla visited on his journey visiting Europe. He offered to the city's authorities to light up Zagreb, but unfortunately, idea was not accepted. But today you can visit palace Gradska Skupstina where Tesla had his famous speech.

In Zagreb you can also visit Nikola Tesla technical museum, and pass by the monument of Tesla, in the city center. Mestrović and Tesla were friends and Meštrović made this remarkable monument of Tesla.

Young people also like to visit lake Jarun, where they can find a replica of the famous Long Island tower.


Day 4

Only 40 km from Zagreb there is Karlovac, place very important for Tesla's education and ideas. There he was attending high school and his professor Martin Sekulic influenced him a lot.

As Tesla once mentioned, only two persons he was admiring were his mother and his professor Sekulic.

In Karlovac you will be able to visit Tesla's school and see a collection of the tools which have been used during Tesla s schooling. and visit hydro power plant Ozalj  which was made according to Tesla s ideas.

Karlovac is very proud to have Tesla as one of the greatest pupils from their school and city is nowadays building a new Tesla experience center.


Few hours later you are in Gospic and Smijan, places of the most importance for understanding Tesla.

In Smiljan there is a birth house of Nikola Tesla and Memorial center, where you can find a lot of facts about him but also experience power of the nature, water and air which influenced Tesla in his early age.

In Gospić you can visit Tesla's school which he attended.


Day 5

Not so far from Gospić is Šibenik, a city which was first commercially lit city in the world and there is still an original street candelabra, but also a powerplant on Krka waterfalls which are among the most beautiful national parks in Croatia.


Day 6

From Gospić, again by train, continue your trip to city of Maribor, There you can experience the place where Tesla spent 6 months of his life trying to collect money  for further  schooling, playing chess and cards in Happy peasant inn.


Day 7

Graz is one of the most important places on Tesla s life and educational journey.

Still there is a building of Polytechnic where Tesla spent 2 years. But also worth to visit are Graz Schloss and Island in the Mur.


Day 8 

Prague, city which celebrates Tesla, with a very modern monument, with stained glass Tesla, National museum, ČUVT , You can visit. Charles bridge,Prague castle, Lesser quartier  and globally known Klementinum library where Tesla was spending a lot of time.


Day 9

Budapest, place where Tesla was working on Telephone exchange, but also the place of his greatest idea and how to make it happen.

Walking inside Varosliget city park with his friend and reciting a passage from Faust, he drew a diagram of the motor, with a stick in the sand.


Day 10

Paris, place where Tesla started to work for Edison company, and found that his ideas and projects are not possible to realize in Europe, and decided to go to the USA and continue his work. 

Paris is also, well known for Louvre,St Germain, Eiffel tower, Luxembourg gardens and so many other interesting places.



Strasbourg is also a place where Tesla spent some time , but Strasbourg is also very interesting city to visit, especially during December, due to very famous Christmas market, but also European Institutions like Eu Parliament, The Council of Europe, The European Court of human rights and many others.


Day 12

Time to go back home with all impressions about Tesla European journey, that shaped him to become a global scientist and person we are admiring today.

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