The "Nikola Tesla Network" is an international cultural and touristic route that follows the life and work of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest Croatian, European and world scientists and inventors.

The route begins in Tesla's native Smiljan, Croatia, and connects the places and countries where this world-renowned genius acted and left a mark.

The route along Smiljan also includes Gospic and Karlovac as places of Tesla's primary education, Zagreb as the city where Tesla offered electrification, Skradin which houses the first European hydroelectric power plant, Ozalj as the site of the oldest continental Croatian hydroelectric power plant, Šibenik as the first city in the world received alternating current for its plants, but also Graz, Prague, Budapest, Maribor, Paris and Strasbourg, the cities where Tesla was educated and had its first jobs and inventions. There is certainly United States of America, country where Tesla became a world-renown scientist.

Recognizing the importance of European cultural routes and their potential for the development of the science, economy, culture, tourism and social values, Croatia - as the homeland of Nikola Tesla - has launched on January 31, 2019 an international project of cultural routes named „Nikola Tesla Network“.

The ceremonial signing of the cooperation agreement / protocol was held on the occasion of Nikola Tesla's 163rd birthday on 9th of July, 2019, at his place of birth in Smiljan in Lika-Senj County of Croatia.

Along with the development of the route, numerous activities are connected, such as economic, touristic, cultural and similar. It is undoubtedly how the route will contribute and enable each individual participant and partner to develop and promote their entrepreneurial and other activities.