Nikola Tesla Network - Niagara falls were lit up

Niagara falls were lit up

Posted: 05.06.2022 On 29 th May, Croatian flag was projected on Niagara falls, as a part of celebrating Croatian Day of Independence, organized by the General Consulate of Croatia in Mississauga. It was...
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Nikola Tesla Network - Tesla Patents

Tesla Patents

Posted: 04.05.2022 In May 1888 George Westinghouse, head of Westinghouse Electric Company in Pittsburgh bought the patent rights to Nikola Tesla s polyphase system of alternating current dynamos,...
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Nikola Tesla Network - Zoom call 17.03.2022.

Zoom call 17.03.2022.

Posted: 21.03.2022 On March 17 th, on a Zoom call, representatives of Nikola Tesla Network, city of Maribor, Czeck IT company, Memorial center Nikola Tesla and  Interpret Europe discussed a common...
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